About Us

U.S. Train Products LLC, Marietta GA was initially founded by the management of IBEG Inc. (USA), the North American headquarters of the Germany based IBEG Systems GmbH, in August 2010. The goal was to establish a U.S. production after delivering sanding systems to North America for more than 15 years. Due to a re-organization, IBEG Inc. closed its North-American operation, and all shares were eventually acquired by the owners of U.S. Train-Products in August 2011.

Based on longtime experience and involvement in the area of wheel-rail interaction and applied information technologies, U.S. Train Products is offering product lines for wheel/rail interface friction and adhesion management as well as U.S. made “IBEG-compatible” aftermarket products for the existing North-American customer base.

It is U.S. Train Products’ mission to bring back jobs to America and provide “Buy America” compliant rail vehicle sub-systems and components that display established world class technology, made right here in the United States. That’s why the we have entered into manufacturing OEM agreements with the world’s leading technology providers in each area of the company’s product lines.

Expertise for onboard wheel/rail lubrication and noise control systems is provided by IGRALUB Lubrication Technology, Switzerland, and REBS Lubrication Systems, Germany. For wayside lubrication systems, U.S.Train Products entered into a distribution and U.S. manufacturing agreement with the European technology leader HY-POWER Lubrication Systems and Technologies, Austria.

To provide the latest generation of sanders and sanding systems, U.S. Train Products partnered with MBM Industry & Rail Technology, Austria, an established ISO-9000 and IRIS-certified (International Railway Industry Standard) technology company. This allows U.S.Train Products to offer advanced sanding solutions for all categories of rail vehicles, such as streetcars, light-rail, passenger rail, freight and high-speed rail systems as well as rail utility vehicles and cranes.