Mobile Refilling Systems

Highlights of the USTP’s Mobile Refilling Utility Vehicles:

A. For Sanding Systems, using Sand or Aluminum Oxide:

  • North American construction with satisfaction of the Buy America Act

  • Inexpensive – Low investment for automated vehicle refilling

  • Compact – Needs only little space at the maintenance facility

  • Flexible – No need to move 30-ton trains to fill sand or lubricant

  • Controlled – Filling mechanism stops at pre-set level

  • Automated – PLC controls filling and monitors safety

  • Freedom – Sand refilled anytime, anywhere

  • Green-Energy – compliant

For Sand Refilling:

  • Environmentally safe – Fills sand container without creating dust

  • Sustainable sand quality – Sand is not being damaged during handling

  • Modular, grow and go – Add capacity, mobility, silos as fleet grows

USTP-MSR600 Mobile Sand Refilling System

Product Details

  • ‘Buy America’- compliant

  • Clean Technology (Electro Vehicle)

  • 9-hour shift operation before battery recharge

  • Refill 10-15 vehicles before reloading with sand

  • 10 kg / 20 lbs per minute refill capacity

  • Serves exterior or interior sander re-filling

Vehicle Features:

  • Battery powered utility-vehicle

  • Rough terrain wheels, designed for rail yards

  • Optional driver doors, CAB Fan or/and Heaters

Multiple Operating Modes:

  • 1. Automatic Refill-Cycle with “Auto-Shut-Off”

  • 2. Manual Refill-Cycle

  • 3. Vehicle Reload Setup Cycle

Convenient & Efficient Vehicle Re-Filling

  • Industrial onboard system controller

  • Heavy duty command and operation controls

  • Wireless communication interface (IP) to upload/download operating data

  • 600 kg / 1320 lbs sand container with two alternating filling pressure vessels

  • Heavy duty, highly efficient industrial vacuum, filtration and air compressor system

  • Sand filling pistol for dustless filling process

  • Extra-wide tires for better yard operation

  • Different colors and paints available

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