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Sanding systems on rail vehicles improve adhesion between train wheels and track through the distribution of sand or

aluminum oxide onto the wheel/rail interfaces. The grit is contained in on-board boxes and released either automatically by the vehicle's WSPS (Wheel Slide Protection Systems) or triggered by the driver. Sanding is typically used to overcome wet or slippery rail conditions or to shorten the stopping distance during emergency braking.


Our advanced sanders are operating either with sand (SiO2) or aluminum oxide (Al2O3). Powered by the MBM SandMouse,

the systems effectively improve wheel/rail adhesion for streetcars, light rail vehicles, heavy rail and high speed rail as well as utility rail vehicle and cranes.



Sanders Operating

with SiO2 or Al2O3

Complete Sand Nozzle Assemblies

and Aftermarket Solutions






Sand or Aluminum Oxide


  • Highly advanced adhesion improving systems

  • Sand nozzle assemblies with heaters, fittings, electrical connectors, brackets and sand hose

  • Unique one container per axel solutions

  • Refurbishing service available

  • Brake-sand or aluminum oxide

  • Guaranteed 100% compatibility in mechanical interface and general function

  • Powered by the MBM SandMaus

  • Free aftermarket solutions are configured to be compatible

  • Enhanced options available, including design upgrades for greater efficiency and better heater durability



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