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 Welcome to  U.S. Train Products, LLC


With our advanced sanding systems and state of the art wheel/rail lubrication and conditioning systems, we are offering innovative solutions for adhesion, friction and noise management for rail vehicles, such as streetcars, light-rail, passenger rail, freight and high-speed rail systems as well as rail utility vehicles and cranes.


Furthermore, U.S. Train Products designs and produces related specialty products, i.e. footrests and mobile refilling systems.


Based on our company's history, we have partnered with European technology leaders to utilize their time-tested advanced technologies and high standards of quality assurance which are integrated into our designs and production processes.


 Expertise and Experience



Wheel/Rail Interface Experts for Friction and Adhesion

Due to our wheel/rail interface expertise and the experience and knowledge of our reputable technology partners, U.S. Train Products has become a center of competence. We offer solutions for any challenge that North American rail vehicle manufacturers or rail system operators may face.





 Adhesion Control (Sanders)


Sanding  Systems

In case of emergency braking, train acceleration or poor rail conditions,

our advanced sanders improve rail adhesion in a highly efficient manner,

thus contributing to the safety and reliability of any rail system's operation.

A unique feature of our systems is that the sand boxes can be filled either with sand (silica SiO2) or with aluminum oxide (Al2O3). The use of Al2O3 reduces the grit consumption down to 1/10th, which in turn allows the use of a much smaller sand container, or 10-times longer refilling cycles if regular-size sandboxes are installed.

The optional speed control, flow-control, or after-blow-control are configurations that can be easily added if required.



Sand Nozzle Kits (Aftermarket)

We produce and/or assemble cost-effective sand nozzle kits with different types of nozzles, especially designed for low-floor streetcars, light-rail, passenger rail, freight and high-speed rail systems as well as rail utility vehicles and cranes.


A specialty is an Aftermarket Replacement Kit ('IBEG'-compatible) with short delivery times and substantial cost-savings for the customer.

 Friction Modifier and Noise Control



Wayside Wheel/Rail Lubrication

Our wayside lubricators for wheel flange and/or top of rail application are highly effective in friction management and noise control. They either have unique, advanced lube application devices or are systems with rail drillings.  

The USTP-HYP rail lubricators can be controlled by a simple timer or with an advanced axle or train counter that is remotely controlled and managed.

Among the outstanding performance properties is a remarkably low lubricant consumption due to patented application devices that generating spread distances of up to 5 miles. This efficiency can ultimately lower the number of needed rail applicators (compared to any other brand).




Onboard Wheel/Rail Lubrication

This reliable and proven technology for efficient wheel/flange or top of rail application on any kind of rail vehicle is the ideal on-board solution for noise control and rail conditioning in infrastructures with larger fleets.





GPS controlled Lubrication

The web-enabled lubrication controller and management software is available for single train vehicles or entire fleets.




Our sophisticated solid lubricants - applied to wheel/ flange or top of rail - are known to increase energy savings during operation, extend the material longevity of wheels and rails, alleviate or eliminate squeaking curve noises and vibration, and decrease the risk of derailment. Furthermore, they are bio-degradable, eco-friendly.



Further specialties range from mobile refilling systems for lubricants, sand or aluminum oxide, over ergonomic driver footrests to catenary de-icing system for various pantograph systems.







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